Drone Photography

There are a lot of practical uses for Drone Photography.  The main items that come to mind are Real Estate Photography and Construction Progress/ Economic Development flights. Drones are great tools for getting good quality images in the least amount of time, and can save money over hiring a photographer in a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.  It is important to hire a licensed drone operator for your project.  It is not always practical to get aerial images from a drone, and I can help you either with a drone or an aircraft for your photography.   We fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which shoots very high quality images and video.  There are many applications where a drone can save significant time and danger from traditional climbing/ inspection methods.

construction site survey/ economic development
tower inspection example
large image panorama/ aerial survey for property developers
job site progress photos
economic development surveys
commercial development
commercial property photos
home/ farm real estate
roof inspections
drone photography is safer than climbing